Terms of Use

Retail Maverick is very excited to offer your organization access to our content distribution network services and we look forward to getting your promotions/jobs published effortlessly for you.


This Content Distribution Agreement (“Agreement”) is a legal agreement between you (“Client”, “you,” “your”) and Mobile Fringe Inc., operating under with name of Retail Maverick. (“Retail Maverick,” “we,” “our” or “us”) governing the Retail Maverick Services (the “Service”).

By Registering for Retail Maverick you agree to these terms and conditions for using the Retail Maverick service as well as the privacy policy.

  • Retail Maverick creates, updates, and manages retail promotion/job posting information that gets published to shopping center and retail centers’ websites, which collectively is the Retail Maverick Content Network.
  • Retail Maverick will add all of the Client’s promotions that are provided by the Client to the Retail Maverick Content Network. If a promotion does not meet the guidelines for posting, Retail Maverick may make adjustments, as needed, to meet the networks posting requirements.
  • Retail Maverick will provide reporting to the Client on the performance of their content on the Retail Maverick Content Network.
  • Retail Maverick will establish, maintain and connect to all possible retail outlets from the full store list provided by the Client were possible. All established connections will have a workable website where promotions/jobs can be posted as well as staff/system to receive content for publishing.

The Client authorizes Retail Maverick to represent them to all retail locations and shopping centers for the purpose of the Service.

The Client will provide a list of retail outlets and corresponding contact details at these locations, and needed information to perform the Services if requested by Retail Maverick.


The Client may be eligible for a Free Trial. The Free Trial allows the Client to use the Service for 30 days without any cost. The Free Trial will start as soon as the Client agrees to the terms of service on the Retail Maverick register page. If the Client does not cancel the Service before the end of the Free Trial, the Service will continue and the Client agrees to follow the Pricing and Payment Terms of the Service.


Client agrees to pay the monthly fee determined by the number of established connections on the Retail Maverick Content Network. The monthly fee will commence on the 31st day from the Trial Start date. An Annual payment option is also available if agreed to by both parties. Retail Maverick may adjust pricing based changes in service or market conditions with 90 days notice.


The Client or Retail Maverick may cancel the Service at anytime giving the other party 90 days notice.


Any claim by retailer against Retail Maverick under this agreement shall be limited to the amount of net fees actually earned by either party in relation to this statement of work.

The websites are managed/owned by the shopping centers and therefore any information, though distributed by Retail Maverick can be held, published, modified, or deleted at the shopping centers’ discretion.

Retail Maverick reserves the right to to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue or terminate all or any part of the Agreement either in an individual case or in general, at any time without notice.

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